Code Inspection System

6LPSOLÀHG FRGH LQVSHFWLRQ R-Series, the Smar t Vision System from Domino R-Series - &RGH ZLWK &RQÀGHQFH A turn-key solution from a single trusted supplier. Designed to work with the entire Domino equipment portfolio, the R-Series Domino vision system range eliminates labour- intensive manual inspections, reduces the amount of scrap, and helps to avoid the expense and brand damage associated with product recalls. Everything from a single source. R-SERIES-2PP-12-20 PROTECTYOUR BRAND Ensure readability of every code Avoid regulatory / retailer penalties Avoid potential costs associated with scrap and recalls Eradicate costly manual inspections SMART MEANS SIMPLE Coding and Marking tailored solution Fully compatible with all the Domino equipment Easy to install and operate Scalable to your future needs without changing hardware www. domino-printing .com ERI ILLORUM EST EADEUTRANSEAT ILLUC AN POTIUS FIAT &RGH 3UHVHQFH &RGH 3RVLWLRQ &KDUDFWHU &RXQW 05& &KHFN 2&5 2&9 FRQWHQW FKHFNLQJ AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR PT. SANCO INDONESIA